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Publications: Ort (Bücher & Hefte); I Still See Communism Everywhere (Slavs and Tatars); Temporary Storages (The Book Society); A Book About Some People And Time (Myung Feyen); Four Over One (LACMA); Footnote to a Project* (Abraaj Capital Art Prize)

Llano Community Bookstore

Llano Del Rio

Llano Community Bookstore
CalArts Library and IKO IKO Space
Two-part temporary bookstore
April 5 — April 20, 2012
Organized by Textfield, Inc.

CalArts Library: Microfilm Room
24700 McBean Pkwy.
Valencia, CA 91355
Thursday, April 5, 1-6pm

931 N. Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Friday, April 6 — Friday, April 20, 12-7pm (Closed Mondays)

Llano Community Bookstore is a two-part temporary bookstore, hosted for one day (Thursday, April 5, 1-6pm) at the CalArts Library, and for fifteen days (Friday, April 6 to Friday, April 20) at IKO IKO in Los Angeles.

CalArts graduate students have selected titles from the Textfield Distribution Catalog, to be included in both parts, and will install/deinstall and work as Shopkeepers during PART I of the temporary bookstore, located in the CalArts Library Microfilm Room. PART II of the temporary bookstore will be hosted by IKO IKO in Los Angeles, and includes furniture, used for both parts, designed by WAKA WAKA.

The (fictional) bookstore is based upon, and takes its name from, Llano Del Rio, which was organized under the Llano Del Rio Company and was a corporate-run socialist Utopian society initiated by Job Harriman, following his narrow defeat in a runoff election for the mayorship of Los Angeles. Harriman believed that the success of socialism depended not only on politics, but also on the realization of socialist principles. Harriman did not attempt to reform all of society, but rather, he believed that by creating a functioning socialist community within the larger society of capitalism, the larger society would gradually convert to socialism.

Book Affair

Book Affair

Book Affair
Saturday, February 11, 2012
Organized by Fiona Connor & Co.

Various Small Fires
1212-B Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

Book Affair will function as both a fair and a temporary library and will take place within the current installation, ‘Murals and Print’ by Fiona Connor.

While books will be offered for sale, the event will also be an opportunity for local publishers and artists to share titles and editions that are not always available to the Los Angeles community.

Along these lines, each participant will bring five books for either selling and/or sharing. A comprehensive bibliography with all participants and their titles will also be compiled and distributed. There will also be a xerox machine located on the premises for visitors to use.

Textfield, Inc. will display 5 books less than 10 inches, on a shelf provided by the organizers, and an Eduardo Sarabia vase/sculpture, placed on the seat of a chair/pedestal.

Book Affair will also display furniture made specifically for the event by Tahi Moore, Joshua Nathanson, Michael Ned Holte, and Fiona Connor among others.

Participants include: 2nd Cannons, A-Z video, Chinatown: the sequel, Dexter Sinister, Harsh Patel, Henry Glover, Kaleidoscope, Ooga Booga, Prism of Reality, Semiotexte, Textfield, Inc., Works Sited, and WorldFood Books.

No More Reality

Phil Chang
Arthur Ou
Eduardo Sarabia
Anna Sew Hoy

Temporary bookshop and exhibition
July 21 — August 25, 2011
Reception: Thursday, July 21, 6-8pm
Organized by Textfield, Inc.

Creatures of Comfort
205 Mulberry St.
New York, NY 10012
Creatures of Comfort New York is pleased to present No More Reality, a temporary bookshop and exhibition organized by Textfield, Inc. The bookshop and exhibition will take place in Creatures of Comfort’s adjacent project space at 205 Mulberry St.

In conjunction with the bookshop, which will feature current and archived titles from Textfield Distribution, there will be an exhibition of work by artists that Jonathan Maghen has collaborated with through Textfield to realize various publishing projects. The exhibition will feature the works of Phil Chang, Arthur Ou, Eduardo Sarabia, and Anna Sew Hoy.

The bookshop and exhibition title have been appropriated from the Philippe Parreno work, No More Reality (the demonstration), 1991, which is a four-minute video of children demonstrating, and chanting the slogan and title (“No More Reality”).

New York Times Tmagazine.

Kidnapping Mountains

Slavs and Tatars, Kidnapping Mountains

Slavs and Tatars, Kidnapping Mountains
Softcover, 96 pp., offset 4/1, 20 x 26 cm
Edition of 1250
ISBN 978-1-906012-19-9
Published by Book Works

$32.00 ·

Kidnapping Mountains is a playful and informative exploration of the muscular stories, wills, and defeat inhabiting the Caucasus region. The book is comprised of two parts: an eponymous section addressing the complexity of languages and identities on the fault line of Eurasia, and Steppe by Steppe Romantics, a restoration of the region’s seemingly reactionary approaches to romance.

Slavs and Tatars / Ooga Booga

Slavs and Tatars / Ooga Booga

Slavs and Tatars & Ooga Booga present the west coast debut of Kidnapping Mountains. Featuring a selection and sale of Slavs and Tatars posters, editions, and printed matter.

Ooga Booga
943 N Broadway #203
Los Angeles CA 90012
14 January — 7 February 2010

Drafting Defeat: 10th Century Road Maps & 21st Century Disasters

Drafting Defeat: 10th Century Road Maps & 21st Century Disasters

Slavs and Tatars, Drafting Defeat: 10th Century Road Maps & 21st Century Disasters
Softcover, 14 pp., offset 1/1, 22 x 31 cm
Edition of 250
Published by Slavs and Tatars

$30.00 ·

A collection of highly stylized 10th century maps of the Middle East with translations of the legends that accompanied them in a 1933 Soviet edition of Nasser Khosrow’s Safarnameh (Book of Travels). Maps; The Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Syria, The Persian Gulf, The Caspian Sea, Iraq

I Still See Communism Everywhere

Payam Sharifi, I Still See Communism Everywhere

Payam Sharifi, I Still See Communism Everywhere
Softcover, 32 pp., offset 1/1, hand-pasted color photographs, 19 x 24 cm
Edition of 500
Published by Slavs and Tatars

$30.00 ·

A series of short essays by Payam Sharifi exploring the clash of civilizations between the US and Iran across such cultural phenomena as the monobrow, soft drugs, and men’s ties.

A Thirteenth Month Against Time

A Thirteenth Month Against Time

Slavs and Tatars, A Thirteenth Month Against Time
Softcover/boxed, 32 pp., 21 x 28 cm
booklet, mimeograph print, offset hand-pasted color stickers, in black case
Edition of 100, signed and numbered
Published by Slavs and Tatars

$150.00 ·

A libretto of daily polemics, reflections, and musings on the very defeatist approach to time so dear to S&T, A Thirteenth Month Against Time runs thirty-two days (or pages) in length and acts as an addendum to one’s everyday calendar or diary.

032c 18

032c 18

032c 18, Thomas Demand
Softcover, 272 pp. + Thomas Demand dossier, offset 4/1, 20 x 27 cm
Edition of 2000
Published by 032c

$20.00 ·

Our knowledge of images is my material,” says artist THOMAS DEMAND in part of our 40-page Demand Dossier featuring interviews with filmmaker Todd Solondz, architect Adam Caruso, museum director Udo Kittelmann, and more; meanwhile Nike CEO MARK PARKER discusses creativity, commerce, and charity; Design Director at BMW ADRIAN VAN HOOYDONK tells Konstantin Grcic about the future of the driving experience; the MONTANA Club seduces Paris night life all over again; artist LUCAS SAMARAS pulls back the curtain on his prophetic creative vision; SLAVS & TATARS conjures ghosts of COMMUNISM past the 20th anniversary of its fall; photographer ALASDAIR MCLELLAN captures supermodel Trish Goff in a Big Sur splash; DANKO STEINER sets a new New York standard with CHLOË, MISSY, LIZZI, and NATASA in “Alphabet City”; the 032c SELECT premieres with 30-plus brand new pages of material culture.

Unter dem Motto

Unter dem Motto

Unter dem Motto. One Day Self Publishing Fair
Motto is proud to invite you to the event “Unter dem Motto — One Day Self Publishing Fair”, organized in occasion of a weekend dedicated to art publications in Berlin. On Saturday, September 5th, 60 publishers coming from 18 countries, selected by Nieves, Rollo Press and Motto, will fill the spaces of Motto bookshop and Chert gallery with their productions. This one-day event presents an eclectic mix offering a careful overview on the importance and constant growth of autonomous publishing nowadays, from home-printed zines to publications by renowned institutions. 40+ booths will give the oportunity to the audience to meet the publishers and browse titles in a friendly athmosphere.

“Unter dem Motto” is organized in parallel of the presentation of the newly acquired exhibition “KIOSK – Modes of multiplication” on Thursday, September the 3rd, at Staatliche Kunstbibliothek Berlin and the Art Books fair: “Miss Read”, organized by KW Institute for Contemporary Art, from September 4th to 6th.

Unter dem Motto
Saturday, September 5th
12.00 am — 12.00 pm

Skalitzer Str. 68
10997 Berlin
U1 Schlesisches Tor
Tel: +49 30 75442119

032c 17

032c 17

032c 17, Mike Mills
Softcover, 256 pp. + Slavs and Tatars booklet, offset 4/1, 20 x 27 cm
Edition of 2000
Published by 032c

$20.00 ·

“All we ever wanted was everything,” MIKE MILLS reveals ways of getting through the recession/depression in a 40-page cover special; Ronnie Cooke Newhouse narrates a day in the life of her best friend PHARRELL WILLIAMS; publisher GERHARD STEIDL races jet lag across the Atlantic from Karl Lagerfeld’s haute couture show in Paris to Robert Frank’s Canadian solitude; distinguished historian ERIC HOBSBAWM discusses his views on the future of globalization with Hans Ulrich Obrist; SLAVS & TATARS revisits the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Tehran with the first installment of its project 79/89/09 for 032c; AGYNESS DEYN nude story by Alasdair McLellan; gallerist MAUREEN PALEY bares her perseverance: “It’s something where you’ve been given a path that you must follow, where you don’t know what else you would do. Once you see this, many things appear that indicate the way forward for you.”

fillip 8

fillip 8
Softcover, 28 pp. + three posters, offset 1/1, 12 x 18 inches
Edition of 1500
Published by Fillip

$5.00 ·

Fillip is a publication of art, culture and ideas released three times a year by the Projectile Publishing Society from Vancouver, British Columbia.