From Contratto Sociale to Colonna di Genk

Luciano Fabro, From Contratto Sociale to Colonna di GenkLuciano Fabro, From Contratto Sociale to Colonna di Genk

Luciano Fabro, From Contratto Sociale to Colonna di Genk
Hardcover, 56 pp. + DVD, offset 4/4, 170 x 220 mm
Edition of 800
ISBN 978-94-9069-362-6
Published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle

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Between 1990 and 2007, Italian artist Luciano Fabro (1936-2007) created sixteen publicly commissioned works. This book, along with an accompanying dvd, focuses on the life and works of this extraordinary artist, and brings homage to Fabro’s latest realization La Colonna di Genk. This intriguing work commissioned by the city of Genk (B) visibly illustrates Fabro’s way of thinking and creation process. The accompanying dvd reveals biographical elements as well as the making of and the festive inauguration of La Colonna during Labour Day on May the 1st 2008. The inauguration took place on the renewed Genk Stadsplein (B), just ten months prior to Fabro’s death.

Luciano Fabro, From Contratto Sociale to Colonna di Genk

Luciano Fabro, From Contratto Sociale to Colonna di Genk

Luciano Fabro, From Contratto Sociale to Colonna di Genk

Luciano Fabro, From Contratto Sociale to Colonna di Genk

Luciano Fabro, From Contratto Sociale to Colonna di Genk

The Electric Information Age Album

The Masses, The Electric Information Age Album

The Masses, The Electric Information Age Album
12-inch vinyl record, sleeve silkscreened/letterpress 2/1, 12.25 x 12.25 inches
Inventory Records 01 [IR01-A]
Edition of 400
Published by Inventory Books

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Created as an audio extension to “The Electric Information Age Book” by Jeffrey T. Schnapp and Adam Michaels, the LP was made in the spirit of the experimental 1967 “The Medium is the Massage LP”, the “first spoken arts record you can dance too” based on media theorist Marshall McLuhan’s groundbreaking book of the same name.

Produced by Schnapp, Michaels, and Daniel Perlin in a process paralleling the books production, the album incorporates new music drawing upon a wide range of genres (such as Post-Punk, Mutant Disco, Baile Funk, and Chicago Juke) with samples, quotations, and text from the Electric Information Age Book. Recorded and mixed at Perlin Studios; Mastered at Bonati Mastering; Pressed at Brooklyn Phono; Designed at Project Projects ; Letterpress Printed at Sheffield Product; Screenprinted at Haven Press.

A side: The Book of the Now; Involve US in Depth; Verbal-Visual Vernacular; In the World of Emotion; Mass Glass; Erasing Time; Page 82; Decisions; Page In.

B side: Drill Press (Dub); Page 122; Philosophical Works; Tomorrow Today; Printing Printing Printing Printing; Non-Tribal Placard; Pattern Recognition Pattern; T>E>I>A>B; Arts First Spoken Dance To; Page Out.

Digital download of 19-track album.

‘What’s the difference between this “second spoken arts record you can dance to” and its 1967 predecessor “The Medium is the Massage LP”? For all its pop fizz, the latter dangles its propositions and prepo­sitions, but seems to leave the body stumbling, fumbling for itself on the dance floor. In its labors of reworking, The Electric Information Age Album honors its predecessor while seeking to further advance its claims.’

— Jeffrey T. Schnapp

The Masses, The Electric Information Age Album

The Masses, The Electric Information Age Album

The Masses, The Electric Information Age Album


Ken Seeno and Jeremy Sigler, Live

Ken Seeno and Jeremy Sigler, Live
12-inch vinyl record, silkscreened 1/1, 12 x 12 inches [12.75 x 12.75 in poly sleeve]
Edition of 150, numbered
Published by The Kingsboro Press

$25.00 ·

A side: Ken Seeno, A Breezy Memory/Cool Hand, Shadow; Jeremy Sigler, excerpt from Plankticus Erectus
B side: Jeremy Sigler, excerpt from Plankticus Erectus; Ken Seeno, Spirit of 77
Recorded in Baltimore in May 2011, Live marks not only the first ever vinyl release from The Kingsboro Press, but also the first officially released project from longtime friends, colleagues, and schemers Seeno and Sigler. 3 tracks from Seeno (ex-Ponytail) highlight his uniquely ambient and immersive new age-tingled solo work, alongside 2 poems read from New York-based poet Sigler. L.L. Being, an accompanying text (a dialogue between Sigler and Seeno that covers everything from 2 Fat Ladies and Being There, to Windham Hill and khakis) is available here .

The Dead Sea

Stefan Marx, The Dead Sea

Stefan Marx, The Dead Sea

Stefan Marx, The Dead Sea
Hardboard/gatefold record sleeve, 3 posters, offset 1/1, 600 x 900 mm
Edition of 1000
ISBN 978-3-905999-01-3
Published by Nieves

$18.00 ·

With his debut release on co-owned Smallville record label Stefan Marx presents an exclusive three-part poster collection coated inside a gatefold 12-inch cover sleeve. Giving the Smallville shop and label a visual face since the very beginning Stefan Marx created hundreds of posters and flyers, painted the shop windows regularly and conceived every record cover.

Now is the time for himself to release an extraordinary Smallville/Nieves issue in 12-inch format. Three folded posters (each has the size of 90 x 60 cm) including a first appearance of his Band project The Dead Sea (aka Stefan Marx, RVDS, Lawrence and Birte Löschenkohl).

Born in Flames

Lizzie Borden, Born in Flames

Lizzie Borden, Born in Flames
Softcover, 32 pp., offset 4/4, 210 x 297 mm
Edition of 1000
ISBN 978-0-9562605-9-8
Published by Occasional Papers

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Born in Flames, the publication, is an illustrated transcript of Lizzie Borden’s 1983 film ‘Born in Flames’, edited and designed by Kaisa Lassinaro. It includes an interview with Borden conducted in Los Angeles by Lassinaro, as well as the lyrics of Undercover Nation by The Bloods and Born in Flames by Red Crayola, kindly supplied by Adele Bertei and Mayo Thompson.

Born in Flames poses the question of whether oppression against women will be eliminated under any kind of social system. […] It is a fantasy presenting a group of women who, confronted with the very “ordinary” oppression women have been experiencing for decades, refuse to take it any longer and become armed fighters against the government. Their position is that oppression against women is not eliminated automatically with “socialism” — not only do political values have to change, cultural values must change and become embedded in practice.’

— Lizzie Borden in Heresies #16, 1983

In the spirit of Borden’s film, the publication was collectively funded by the following individuals and institutions:

Stuart Bailey, Heather Bradley, Eleanor Brown, Geoffrey Brusatto, Culturgest, Wayne Daly, Chris Evans, Beatrice Gibson, Nick Gordon, The Hawthorne Archive, Erna Hecey, Onno Hesselink, Will Holder, Jeff Khonsary, Koenig Books, Uriel Orlow, Falke Pisano, Philomene Pirecki, PrintRoom: Karin de Jong, Ewoud van Rijn, Pro QM, David Reinfurt, Jane Rolo, Catherine de Smet, Benjamin Thorel, Giulia Vallicelli, and Julia Zay.

12 Sun Songs

Cranfield and Slade, 12 Sun Songs

Cranfield and Slade, 12 Sun Songs
Hardboard/sleeve, yellow vinyl record + poster, offset 2/1, 315 x 315 mm
Edition of 2000
ISBN 978-3-03764-063-0
Published by JRP|Ringier, CK editions

$20.00 ·

Cranfield and Slade: 12 Sun Songs is a yellow vinyl album made up of covers of pop songs about the sun. Aping a 1970s concept album, Cranfield and Slade present twelve songs arranged to represent a day, beginning with songs about sunrise and winding down with songs about sunsets. Tracks range from classics such as George Harrison’s Here Comes the Sun and The Kinks’ Waterloo Sunset, to the lesser-known Sun by singer-songwriter Margot Guryan or Where Evil Grows by Vancouver’s The Poppy Family. The album combines field recordings made in various Vancouver locations with electronic sound and acoustic and electric instruments. The liner notes for “12 Sun Songs” were written by celebrated Canadian poet and critic Peter Culley.

Based in rainy Vancouver, Cranfield and Slade is made up of visual artist Kathy Slade and artist/musician Brady Cranfield, working with musicians including Larissa Loyva (Piano, Kellarissa), Johnny Payne (Victoria Victoria, The Shilos), and Chris Harris (Piano, Parks and Rec, The Secret Three, Womankind); and special guests John Collins (The New Pornographers, The Evaporators) and artist Rodney Graham (The Rodney Graham Band, UJ3RK5).


Charlie White, OMG BFF LOL

Charlie White, OMG BFF LOL
DVD, 9 min., 6 sec., NTSC, digital 4/4, 5.25 x 7.5 inches
Plays in a loop of the three scenes: A, B, A, C
Includes We Love to Shop *, the theme song from OMG BFF LOL
Published by Charlie White

$12.00 ·

By now, every bona fide Blackberry or iPhone owner probably knows that the abbreviations OMG, BFF, and LOL stand for “oh my God,” “best friends forever,” and “laughing out loud” in the world of Short Message Service (SMS), which has come to be known as texting.

Based on a two-year study of the behavior of an actual American teenage girl, the animation is part of a larger project called The Girl Studies that dissects the desires and social anxieties of our era. The animation is meant to perform as a viable cartoon for young girls, while simultaneously providing a platform from which viewers can critique them. White’s works in photography, film, and more recently animation, often offer fictitious narratives to help us understand and evaluate the underlying realities of contemporary life.

This particular project features Tara and Blakey, two American-girl cartoon characters with pink-glitter accessories, trendy clothing, and commercial desires. These archetypes of the American teen are used to examine their representation from different angles. Set in three looping scenes, OMG BFF LOL contains the cartoon’s capitalist manifesto, “having is so much better than wanting,” discussed by the girls in a crystal shopping mall scene. The second and third scenes, set in a bedroom and bathroom, open the door to the interior loneliness and isolation of the two main characters, as viewers observe them surfing TV channels and radio stations, snacking, posing in front of a full length mirror, and crying, as a digital clock marks the passage of time.

White wrote and directed OMG BFF LOL, working in collaboration with Chuck Gammage studios, a Canadian animation house, to create the intentionally dated quality of the scenes. He explains, “The three segments loop on a now obsolete 4:3 Sony Trinitron monitor, which conjures the television as both box and broadcast mechanism.”

—Mónica Ramírez-Montagut

* A free download (MP3) of the teen-dance remix of We Love to Shop is available here.

Excerpt from Charlie White’s cartoon OMG BFF LOL (Mall) from his project The Girl Studies, 2008. (Run Time: 3 min., 16 sec.)

The Moi Non Plus

Bas Morsch, The Moi Non Plus

Bas Morsch, The Moi Non Plus
Softcover, 60 pp. + CD, offset 1/1, 210 x 297 mm
Edition of 1000
Published by Bas Morsch

$15.00 ·

60 pages + 9 tracks