C Magazine 117

C Magazine 117, TranslationsC Magazine 117, Translations

C Magazine 117, Translations
Softcover, 60 pp., offset 4/1, 210 x 295 mm
Edition of 2200
ISSN 1480-5472
Published by C Magazine

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“Who has time for cynicism? If there is one role model in handling implication it is Jackie Chan…. At moments it’s all flying in his face but look at how he suddenly realigns the whole mess into a landfill art piece.”

— Hito Styerl

Issue 117 includes feature essays by Kristin Campbell, on the work of Kristiina Lahde, Diana Sherlock on the conference “Institutions by Artists,” Ania Wroblewski on the exhibition Feminism after Elles, as well as Patricia Reed in conversation with Hito Steyerl and Jacquelyn Ross in conversation with Tiziana La Melia.

Also, in this issue, reviews from across Canada and around with globe: Sean Alward: A Vertical City Goes Both Ways, Vancouver; Kika Thorne: The wildcraft, Windsor; Vanessa Maltese: Two-fold Tally, Toronto;, Archival Dialogues: Reading the Black Star Collection, Toronto; Michèle Provost: Rebranding Bytown, Ottawa; Nicolas Grenier: Proximities, Montreal; Rick Leong: The Sublimation of Self, Halifax; Hazel Meyer: Walls to the Ball, St. Johns; XTRAVAGANZA: Staging Leigh Bowery, Vienna; Roman Liška: Nu Balance, London; and A New Novel by Bjarne Melgaard, New York. C117 includes book reviews of One for Me and One to Share: Artists’ Multiples and Editions, edited by Dave Dyment and Gregory Elgstrand; Open! Key Texts, 2004–2012: Art, Culture and the Public Domain, edited by Jorinde Seijdel and Liesbeth Melis; Disturbances, by Critical Art Ensemble; and Summer of Hate, by Chris Kraus.

Artist Projects include FAG’s (Feminist Art Gallery) Faging it Forward, and Christopher Kulendran Thomas’ When Platitudes Become Form.

fillip 16

fillip 16fillip 16

fillip 16
Softcover, 136 pp., offset [split fountain], 170 x 245 mm
Softcover, 32 pp., offset 1/1, 140 x 210 mm [Ariella Azoulay booklet]
Edition of 2500
ISSN 1715-3212
ISBN 978-0-9868326-6-6
ISBN 979-0-9868326-8-0 [Ariella Azoulay booklet]
Published by Fillip

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Fillip is a publication of art, culture, and ideas released three times a year.

Fillip 16 continues the ongoing series of texts entitled Apparatus, Capture, Trace, and includes a booklet by Ariella Azoulay, Different Ways Not to Say Deportation.

The issue also continues essays from the Intangible Economies series, and focuses on the multifarious forms of exchange fueled by affect and desire. Intangible Economies speculatively investigates the fundamental role these affective transactions play in modes of representation and, accordingly, in cultural production.

1. Patricia Reed, Co-autonomous Ethics and the Production of Misunderstanding
2. Ola El-Khalidi and Diala Khasawnih, Gastronomica Makan
3. Christopher Cozier and Clair Tancons, No More than a Backyard on a Small Island
4. Vincent Bonin, Here, Bad News Always Arrives Too Late
5. Jon Davies, The Masculine Mystique
6. Philip Monk, Crises (and Coping) in the Work of General Idea
7. David Horvitz and Adam Katz, Occupy Wall Street Life Drawing

fillip 8

fillip 8
Softcover, 28 pp. + three posters, offset 1/1, 12 x 18 inches
Edition of 1500
Published by Fillip

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Fillip is a publication of art, culture and ideas released three times a year by the Projectile Publishing Society from Vancouver, British Columbia.