P & Co., JoanP & Co., Joan

P & Co., Joan
Newspaper, 16 pp., web offset 1/1, 11 x 17 inches [17 x 22 inches unfolded]
Edition of 500
Published by P & Co.

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P & Co. is a community broadsheet published biannually and co-edited by Aram Moshayedi, Carter Mull, and Jesse Willenbring.

Sara & Gerald

P & Co., Sara & GeraldP & Co., Sara & Gerald

P & Co., Sara & Gerald
Newspaper, 12 pp., web offset 1/1, 11 x 17 inches [17 x 22 inches unfolded]
Edition of 500
Published by P & Co.

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P & Co. is committed to the form of the community broadsheet as a site for aesthetic discourse and informed cultural analysis.

Published on a biannual basis, each issue is loosely organized around a personality of historical significance and provides the occasion for a network of affiliates from diverse critical and artistic backgrounds to explore innovative modes of study.

With an emphasis on the free and uninhibited circulation of images, information and ideas, P & Co. reconsiders the material conditions of newsprint in a cultural sphere characterized by aggregate forms of social media.

Sara & Gerald Murphy.

Textfield V

Textfield V

Textfield V
Softcover, 128 pp., offset 4/1, 6.5 x 9.5 inches
Edition of 2500
ISSN 1934-2446
Published by Textfield

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Contributors; Darren Bader, Stuart Bailey, Nina Jan Beier, Chris Bolton, Rainer Borgemeister, Binna Choi, Ryan Conder, Chris Cullens, Jason DeLeón, Thomas Eberwein, Marco Fiedler, Steve Hanson, Danielle Kays, Robin Kinross, Marc Kremers, Marie Jan Lund, Yukinori Maeda, Miltos Manetas, Emily Mast, Slobodan Milosevic, Angelos Plessas, Manuel Raeder, Achim Reichert, Rafaël Rozendaal, Eduardo Sarabia, Artur Schmal, Nanette Sullano, Gerard Unger, Amy Yao, and Cosmic Wonder.

James Earl Scones

Darren Bader, James Earl Scones

Darren Bader, James Earl Scones
Softcover, 96 pp., offset 1/1, 6 x 9 inches
Edition of 1000, signed and numbered
Published by David Kordansky Gallery, Rivington Arms

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“In an art world vernacular, Darren Bader joins the pointed yet poetic, museumoligical interventions of Christopher D’Arcangelo to the cheesy, rank diaristic meditations of Dieter Roth. Punster and prankster, the demon spawn of Julia Child and David Markson, in a less highfalutin patois, he’s about the only guy I know who one-ups Don Novello’s great Lazlo Toth letters by signing his own name. Taking (so-called) institutional critique apart brick by gold-sanctioned brick, he’s critiquing the world and partying at the same time—Tom Cruise and NASA, stand warned. It’s about time someone tapped Al Qaeda as an aesthetic. James Earl Scones are my new favorite way to start the day.”

—Bruce Hainley