C Magazine 115

C Magazine 115, ParticipationC Magazine 115, Participation

C Magazine 115, Participation
Softcover, 64 pp., offset 4/1, 210 x 295 mm
Edition of 2200
ISSN 1480-5472
Published by C Magazine

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Issue 115, Participation, features essays by Vesna Krstich on how to make a ‘Happening’ classroom, Leah Modigliani on the Vancouver Occupations of 1971, Amy Fung on communities and antagonism, Rachel Anne Farquharson on recollecting through the works of Kerry Tribe, Petrina Ng and Lindsay Seers, as well as Corrine Fitzpatrick in response to our recent “Men” issue. C Magazine 115 also includes an artist project by MPA and Amapola Prada, book reviews and reviews of exhibitions by Jeremy Deller, Janieta Eyre, Emily Falencki, Sean MacAlister, Michael Maranda, Rory Middleton and Cindy Sherman, among others.