C Magazine 114

C Magazine 114, MenC Magazine 114, Men

C Magazine 114, Men
Softcover, 64 pp., offset 4/1, 210 x 295 mm
Edition of 2200
ISSN 1480-5472
Published by C Magazine

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Issue 114, Men, includes essays by Ken Moffatt on male shame, Kerry Manders on Chris Ironside’s Mr. Long Weekend, Dan Adler on Ian Wallace’s Monochrome Series, an interview with Tobaron Waxman by Shawn Syms, and Ann Marie Peña in conversation with Yinka Shonibare. C Magazine 114 also includes Lezbros for Lesbos, an artist project by Logan MacDonald and Jon Davies, exhibition reviews of Michael Flaherty, A.K. Burns, Christoph Schlingensief, Attila Richard Lukacs, Althea Thauberger and Andrea Zittel, and book reviews.

Un Coup de Dés: Writing Turned Image. An Alphabet of Pensive Language

Un Coup de Dés: Writing Turned Image An Alphabet of Pensive Language

Un Coup de Dés: Writing Turned Image. An Alphabet of Pensive Language
Softcover, 250 pp., offset 4/1, 215 x 280 mm
Edition of 5000
ISBN 9783865605436
Published by Walther König

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In her essay “Writing Turned Image. An Alphabet of Pensive Language,” Sabine Folie writes, “An idea…explored in Stéphane Mallarmé’s Un coup de dés (A roll of the dice) of 1897 has in the twentieth century become an integral part of the poetological and, more generally, the avant-gardist vocabulary: the idea of unmasking language as a convention whose purpose it is to discipline the individual and to subject it to a regulated system of capitalist exploitation as well as to guarantee orientation in the world… Writing was released from the textual ensemble of the book and integrated into the flow of its media — as a disturbance, a deconstruction of meaning.” The ideas of Symbolist poet and galvanizing nineteenth-century intellectual Stéphane Mallarmé are discussed in this text-heavy volume in relation to works by Robert Barry, Lothar Baumgarten, Marcel Broodthaers, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha and Rodney Graham, among others. Scholarly essays by Sabine Folie, Anna Sigridur Arnar, Jacques Rancière, Gabriele Mackert and Michael Newman accompany a generous selection of images by each of the artists.