Hose Variations

Bjarne Bare, Hose Variations

Bjarne Bare, Hose Variations
Softcover, 40 pp., offset 4/4, 190 x 260 mm
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-82-998640-0-8
Published by Cornerkiosk Press

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Hose Variations is the first book by Bjarne Bare. This monograph, as the title suggests, consists of studies of hose variations. It is a study of time in between human interaction, where the dead moment, rather than the decisive, is in focus. The surroundings and placement of each hose reveal their owners character and is a light anthropological study of man, as well as a take on the traditional documentary genre of photography. It consists of Bares recent work from Berlin, Buenos Aires, Lodz, Los Angeles, and Oslo.