Hilde D’haeyere, DislexiconHilde D’haeyere, Dislexicon

Hilde D’haeyere, Dislexicon
Hardcover, 64 pp., offset 1/1, 130 x 195 mm
Edition of 2000
ISBN 978-94-906-9331-2
Published by MER. Paper Kunsthalle

$20.00 ·

The ‘Dislexicon of Slapstick Humor, Funny Cinematography, and Very Special Effects’ is a richly illustrated glossary containing 138 witty words used in the Mack Sennett Comedy Studios between 1912 and 1933. It comprises clever concepts connected to slapstick comedy, gag strategies, funny pratfalls, dangerous stuntwork, and secrets of the filmmaking trade. In a mishmash of slapstick facts and fictions, the Dislexicon fully accepts tall tales, technical reports, jokes, and gossip as historical sources. Hopping from “gag” to “laugh” to “trick,” the dictionary presents a slapstick universe in which everything makes perfect sense — as only a fictional construction can.

Hilde D’haeyere, Dislexicon

Hilde D’haeyere, Dislexicon

Hilde D’haeyere, Dislexicon

Hilde D’haeyere, Dislexicon

Hilde D’haeyere, Dislexicon

Hilde D’haeyere, Dislexicon

Hilde D’haeyere, Dislexicon

IKO IKO at Printed Matter’s Los Angeles Art Book Fair

IKO IKO booth at Printed Matter's Los Angeles Art Book Fair

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
Printed Matter’s Los Angeles Art Book Fair
February 1-3, 2013
Opening: Thursday, January 31, 2013, 6–9pm
IKO IKO will be participating at Printed Matter’s first annual Los Angeles Art Book Fair, with WAKA WAKA book-friendly furniture; a selection of forty books from Texfield, Inc.; IKO IKO limited edition screen prints, t-shirts and totes; and a MATERIAL Press special edition by artist Michael Bauer.

New York Times Tmagazine.
Hrag Vartanian/Hyperallergic.

Free and open to the public, the Los Angeles Art Book Fair is a unique international event for artists’ books, art catalogs, monographs, periodicals and zines presented by more than 220 international presses, booksellers, antiquarians, artists, and independent publishers from twenty countries.

Featured projects include an Homage to Mike Kelley presented by Gagosian, a Larry Clark Pop-Up Shop by BOO-HOORAY, and a stunning new installation by John Armleder with Three Star Books. Fulton Ryder will present publications by John Dogg and Howard Johnson; unique books and Untitled Originals by Richard Prince, and naughty pulp paperbacks.

Zine World is a super-sized subsection of the Los Angeles Art Book Fair, featuring zinesters from home and abroad, together with three zine exhibitions. GSD: Skate Fate till Today begins from Gary Scott Davis’ early, ground-breaking zine publishing of the 80s. Zine Masters of the Universe features zines by Mark Gonzales, Ari Marcopoulos, Ray Pettibon, and Dash Snow. Bedwetter and Beyond is a survey of the artist books and zines of Los Angeles-based artist Christopher Russell.

The Los Angeles Art Book Fair is the companion fair to the New York Art Book Fair, held every fall in New York. Over 20,000 artists, book buyers, collectors, dealers, curators, independent publishers, and other enthusiasts attended the New York Art Book Fair in 2012.

Opening: Thursday, January 31, 6–9pm
Friday, February 1, 11-5pm
Saturday, February 2, 11-6pm
Sunday, February 3, 12-6pm

The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Ave
Los Angeles CA 90012
(213) 626-6222

Studio, Affect

Phil Chang, Running Sheet and Artist Portrait
Running Sheet and Artist Portrait; Chromogenic and Offset Prints, 2012

Phil Chang — Studio, Affect
7 July – 11 August 2012
Opening reception: Saturday, 7 July 2012, 7-9pm

Pepin Moore
933 Chung King Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Pepin Moore is proud to present Studio, Affect, an exhibition of new works by Phil Chang, on view from 7 July through 11 August 2012. A reception for the artist will be held Saturday, 7 July from seven to nine in the evening.

As his third and final project that examines the various implications of affect, Phil Chang includes works in Studio, Affect that obliquely address the role of the studio in contemporary culture. Studio, Affect includes various depictions of artist’s studios — photographs of book pages depicting Francis Bacon’s disheveled space, Giacometti in his studio studying his wife, Richter sitting on an office chair — alongside images from catalogs that rely on tropes of the studio. Also included are images Chang has produced which depict his own production. These include photographs of laser prints that have served as studies, and the running sheets (offset prints) from the production of his artist book from 2010. In total, Studio, Affect relies on an array of images presented in an array of formats — chromogenic prints, silver gelatin prints, laser prints, pigment prints, stencil prints, and offset prints — that are hinged within frames. This decision has to do with a desire for “looseness” in presentation that formally and structurally addresses the political and economic implications of the studio.

No More Reality (the poster)

Jonathan Maghen, No More Reality (the poster)Jonathan Maghen, No More Reality (the poster)

Jonathan Maghen, No More Reality (the poster)
Silkscreen poster/print, 1/0, 19 x 35 inches
Printed on archival Kromekote ultra high-gloss 14 pt cover stock
Edition of 25 + 2 proofs, unnumbered
Published by Textfield

$25.00 ·

The poster/print, No More Reality (the poster), was produced for the temporary bookshop and exhibition No More Reality, July 21 — August 25, 2011, which featured the works of Phil Chang, Arthur Ou, Eduardo Sarabia, and Anna Sew Hoy.

The bookshop and exhibition (and poster) title have been appropriated from the Philippe Parreno work, No More Reality (the demonstration), 1991, which is a four-minute video of children demonstrating, and chanting the slogan and title (“No More Reality”). The poster, illustrated by Darius Maghen, is based on a sign held by one of the children in the original Parreno work.

Public Fiction 1

Public Fiction 1, The Church IssuePublic Fiction 1, Night Papers insert

Public Fiction 1, The Church Issue
Softcover, 64 pp., offset 2/1, 8 x 10 inches
Night Papers insert: Newspaper, 12 pp., web offset 1/1, 11 x 17 inches
Edition of 1000
ISBN 978-0-615-49712-9
Published by Public Fiction

$12.00 ·

Public Fiction is a quarterly based in Los Angeles and with Los Angeles as subject. This is the church issue.

Public Fiction takes form in print and space. The physical space, a storefront in Highland Park, gives a site to experiment with the topic at hand in real-time.

Hose Variations

Bjarne Bare, Hose Variations

Bjarne Bare, Hose Variations
Softcover, 40 pp., offset 4/4, 190 x 260 mm
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-82-998640-0-8
Published by Cornerkiosk Press

$26.00 ·

Hose Variations is the first book by Bjarne Bare. This monograph, as the title suggests, consists of studies of hose variations. It is a study of time in between human interaction, where the dead moment, rather than the decisive, is in focus. The surroundings and placement of each hose reveal their owners character and is a light anthropological study of man, as well as a take on the traditional documentary genre of photography. It consists of Bares recent work from Berlin, Buenos Aires, Lodz, Los Angeles, and Oslo.

Dispatches and Directions: On Artist-Run Organizations in Los Angeles

Ronni Kimm and Jesse Aron Green, Dispatches and Directions: On Artist-Run Organizations in Los Angeles

Dispatches and Directions: On Artist-Run Organizations in Los Angeles
Edited by Ronni Kimm and Jesse Aron Green
Softcover, 160 pp., offset 2/2, 9 x 9 inches [24 x 36 inches unfolded]
4 part book + poster
Edition of 500
ISBN 978-0-615-39970-6
Published by ART2102

$20.00 · out of stock

Over the past several years ART2102 has acted as a platform for artists and curators in Los Angeles to realize their projects and exhibitions. From its space in Boyle Heights, ART2102 hosted a vibrant program known for its open cultural discourse and flexibility of ideas, and for engaging both local and international artists at various stages in their careers. Gradually, ART2102 moved away from this physical site as its programming and initiatives engaged with the large network of other artists-run spaces across Los Angeles and Southern California.

Dispatches and Directions, the final publication and project of ART2102, does not simply document this history, but also emulates the organization’s role as a platform and a network by spotlighting a number of the artists-run collaborations that are currently active in Los Angeles, and that will continue to thrive as ART2102 recedes. The publication not only provides a space in which these organizations can describe their work, but will also look at the legacy of ART2102 in light of the diverse range of programming emulated by these groups.

The publication, edited by Ronni Kimm and Jesse Aron Green, features contributions from various artist-run projects, including, Artist Curated Project, ESL, Genesis Project, Los Angeles, MATERIAL, Monte Vista, Slab, Telic Arts Exchange, Wildness. Also included are thoughts and anecdotes from Kate Fowle, Rika Hiro, Songmi Huff, Thomas Lawson, Paul McCarthy, Yoshua Okon, Renaud Proch and Erlea Maneros Zabala; an essay by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer; a directory of over 60 artist-run and non profit organizations; and a specially commissioned “Star Chart” to help navigate the scene, by artist Jim Skuldt. The publication was designed in collaboration with Willem Henri Lucas.

Desert Interviews or, how to jump off the roof and not hit the ground

Piero Golia, Desert Interviews or, how to jump off the roof and not hit the ground

Piero Golia, Desert Interviews or, how to jump off the roof and not hit the ground
Softcover, 100 pp., offset 4/1, 148 x 210 mm
Edition of 2000
ISBN 978-3-03764-106-4
Published by JRP|Ringier

$28.00 ·

Piero Golia founded in 2005, with his long-time friend Eric Wesley, the Mountain School of Arts, an educational structure that rapidly became a new spot on the cultural map of the city of Los Angeles.

This book, composed of discussions between artists, presents a kind of report on this unique “institution:” teaching methods, academic syllabus, and students’ selection are here explained with metaphors, compared with artistic interaction, and equaled to performances. Not unlike Golia’s work itself, the development of the school and its program follow a poetic of the gesture, of the instant, and of actions recalling Fluxus, Gino de Dominicis’ or Paul McCarthy’s works.

As a career’s start, Piero Golia successfully convinced a woman to have his portrait and the words “Piero My Idol” tattooed on her back (tattoo, 2001); soon after, following an invitation to the Tirana Biennale, he rowed across the Adriatic Sea in the opposite direction to migratory movement to reach Albania (”Going to Tirana,” 2000). And, on January 14, 2005, Golia vanished from New York City leaving no documented proof of his whereabouts; he traveled from a place to another, crossing borders without a trace, for resurfacing only on the morning of February 7 at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen for a unique lecture about his adventurous trip. He now lives in Los Angeles, a place that blurs the boundaries between reality and fiction, making it the perfect setting for his exploration into the process of myth-making and his ironic outlook on contemporary society.

Photographing the L.A. Art Scene 1955-1975

Craig Krull, Photographing the L.A. Art Scene 1955-1975

Craig Krull, Photographing the L.A. Art Scene 1955-1975
Softcover, 92 pp., offset 1/1, 9 x 9 inches
Edition of 2000
ISBN 1-889195-02-2
Published by Smart Art Press

$25.00 · out of stock

Photographing the L.A. Art Scene is a catalogue celebrating the legendary artists, dealers, and friends who comprised the nucleus of the L.A. art scene during this seminal time period. Includes photography by: Charles Britton, Dennis Hopper, William Claxton, Jerry McMillan, Clytie Alexander, Gary Krugier, Ken Price, Peggy Moffitt, Jan Webb, Pat Beer, Ed Moses, Edmund Teske, Wallace Berman, Patricia Faure, Julian Wasser, Ed Ruscha, Joe Goode, Malcolm Lubliner and John Waggaman. Introduction by Craig Krull.