Here and There 6

Nakako Hayashi, Here and There 6
Softcover, 48 pp., offset 4/1, 210 x 297 mm
Edition of 1000
Published by Nieves

$20.00 ·

Here and There comes back, after two years of absence from the independent magazine scene, with Unexpected Travelling Issue, a sixth issue which counts already familiar but also new illustrious collaborations.

In Nakako‚Äôs own words, the vision behind the Unexpected Travelling Issue was: “One day, someone told me her ideal garden is what looks like no one is taking care of, and have so many different pretty flowers in springtime. The other day my friend told me she has an ideal image of bringing up kids even though in reality she has to deal with daily life living in crowded Tokyo. I am into those stories, and new issue must be something related to this ‘ideal’ world. in each people’s minds. Maybe you can talk about ideal books making”