Whyart — A La Mode

Aude Lehmann / Tan Wälchli, Whyart — A La Mode
Hardcover, 208 pp., offset 4/4, 16 x 21.5 cm
Texts in English and German
Edition of 500
Published by Nieves

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Since 2004, designer Aude Lehmann (1976) and literary scholar Tan Waelchli (1974), both based in Zurich, have developed the book series Whyart – Aura, Glamour, A la mode, examining the current landscape of design, art and popular culture.

The third volume asks what it means to be “à la mode” today. When Karl Lagerfeld works for H&M, Bruno crawls on the runway behind Paris Hilton and Louis Vuitton sell their bags inside a Murakami exhibition, this indicates that the frontiers which used to separate art and fashion, original and copy, in and out are no longer extant. A la mode therefore proposes a new approach to fashion. From Viktor&Rolf to 50Cent, from Kate Moss to Sarah Jessica Parker, the various contributors seek out a “third way” of fashion transcending the old dichotomies.