Made in USA

Bernadette Corporation, Made in USA

Bernadette Corporation, Made in USA
Softcover, 128 pp., offset 4/1, 7 x 10 inches
Edition of 500
Fall/Winter 1999-2000
Published by Bernadette Corporation

out of print

condition: very good, shelf wear.

Bernadette Corporation: three people in New York City (today, 1999, or 2000) working together on a new fashion magazine called Made In USA and making art. We came from different backgrounds, but we had something in common: we wanted to change the world because we didn’t like the way it was.

The first issue of Made in USA is devoted to how people create their own spaces, spaces that can be invisible or imaginary. You may have heard this trend called DIY (do-it-yourself) or Amateurism. We like to call it the EMPTY WIDE SPACE trend, a place we can all disappear to, instead of being anti-everything and writing the new manifesto, or instead of being pro-everything and buying the latest CD.