Möhren in Athen

Erik Steinbrecher, Möhren in Athen

Erik Steinbrecher, Möhren in Athen
Softcover, 16 pp., offset 4/4, 112 x 178 mm
Edition of 1000
ISBN 978-3-905714-83-8
Published by Nieves

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For his show Wind in Athens/Möhren in Athen Erik Steinbrecher left Berlin for Athens, his suitcase packed with carrots. The artist’s art odyssee began. His chosen site for an intervention was the National Archaeological Museum. It is considered one of the great museums of the world and contains the richest collection of some of the most important artifacts from Greek antiquity worldwide. During his visit, Steinbrecher installed single carrots in the exhibition spaces; close to sculptures and artfacts, on bases and behind walls.

This sculptural and performative intervention has been photographed by the artist himself. For this publication Steinbrecher overworked these documents.