TI(N)AM, Compendium 5

TI(N)AM, Compendium 5
Hardcover, 220 pp., offset 4/4, 23 x 29 cm
dust-jacket unfolds to oversize poster
Edition of 1414
ISSN 1721-4904
Published by TI(N)AM

$80.00 ·

Who I think I am is the 5th Compendium of the internet specific publication www.thisisamagazine.com and/or www.thisisnotamagazine.com containing over 200 pages of new works, almost all of which have been cut, sliced, diced, scored, folded and generally messed with before being stitch-bound into a hard-cover with a giant laminated D.I.Y. paper scultpure as a dust-jacket. A book which explores the fine-print in the contracts of identity; the reader is invited to complete Who I think I am with over 100 stickers, a How do Artist’s Live survey card, fold and read chapters, a bag of previously removed Compendia parts…