Sara & Gerald

P & Co., Sara & GeraldP & Co., Sara & Gerald

P & Co., Sara & Gerald
Newspaper, 12 pp., web offset 1/1, 11 x 17 inches [17 x 22 inches unfolded]
Edition of 500
Published by P & Co.

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P & Co. is committed to the form of the community broadsheet as a site for aesthetic discourse and informed cultural analysis.

Published on a biannual basis, each issue is loosely organized around a personality of historical significance and provides the occasion for a network of affiliates from diverse critical and artistic backgrounds to explore innovative modes of study.

With an emphasis on the free and uninhibited circulation of images, information and ideas, P & Co. reconsiders the material conditions of newsprint in a cultural sphere characterized by aggregate forms of social media.

Sara & Gerald Murphy.

Please, write your opinions on US politics

Rainer Ganahl, Please, write your opinions on US politics
Softcover, 150 pp., digital 4/1, 140 x 225 mm
Edition of 250
Published by onestar press

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For the Armory Art Fair in March 2003 I was invited by zingmagazine to make a wall drawing for their magazine booth. Political tensions and frustrations were running high over an immanent attack on Iraq. In response to this situation, I opted for an interactive graffiti wall that invited visitors to write down what they thought of US politics. During five days the white wall panels of the booth were filled with texts, commentaries, provocations, thoughts, suggestions, personal accounts, wishful and hateful thinking, and graphics. My photographs of the results of this experiment are presented in this publication.