Capp Street Project

Mario Ybarra Jr., Capp Street Project

Mario Ybarra Jr., Capp Street Project
Softcover, 48 pp., offset 4/2, 6.5 x 9.25 inches
Edition of 1000
ISBN 978-0-9725080-7-0
Published by CCA Wattis Institute of Contemporary Art

$12.00 ·

When referred to as a Chicano artist in the Los Angeles Times, Mario Ybarra Jr. once protested, “I make contemporary art that is filtered through a Mexican-American experience in Los Angeles.” Filled with graffiti, restaurant signage and stills from music videos, with sweeping graphic lines and lyric abstractions, his outrageous, multicolored murals speak about his particular experience as an artist and a Mexican-American, both politically and aesthetically. Compactly designed by Jon Suede/Stripe, this slim, dynamic catalogue with paper changes features an essay on the artist’s entire oeuvre by Jens Hoffmann, along with an engaging text by Claire Fitzsimmons. Produced to accompany Ybarra’s installation at San Francisco’s Capp Street Project, this volume is the artist’s first monograph, as well as a thorough document of the mural he produced over the course of his residency there.