C Magazine 109

C Magazine 109, Knowledge

C Magazine 109, Knowledge
Softcover, 56 pp., offset 4/1, 210 x 295 mm
Edition of 2200
ISSN 1480-5472
Published by C Magazine

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Issue 109 of C Magazine, Knowledge, includes an essay by Jen Kennedy, School’s In: Contemporary Art and the Educational Turn, that examines Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida’s #class, Anton Vidokle’s unitednationsplaza and Night School, and projects recently conducted at the Copenhagen Free University, and a feature article by Sholem Krishtalka, “You and Me and Her and Us and Them: A Conversation on Using and Being Used,” about collaborating with novelist Sheila Heti and painter and filmmaker Margaux Williamson. This issue also includes an interview by Mandy Ginson with Toril Johannessen, exploring some of the ways Johannessen engages scientific methods of analysis and models of classification and display in her work, as well as two artist projects; Summerhill, Revised, by Helen Reed and Hannah Jickling with an accompanying text by Stephanie Springgay, and Studies for Possible Futures by Maggie Groat. Issue 109 also includes reviews of the 29th Bienal de São Paulo and Manifesta 8, as well as book reviews and exhibition reviews from cities including Fredericton, Halifax, Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

The Gift

Eduardo Sarabia, The Gift

Eduardo Sarabia, The Gift
Softcover, 64 pp., offset 4/4, 7 x 9.5 inches
Edition of 2000
ISBN: 9789689056362
Published by A&R Press/Turner

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A spoof on the format of SkyMall shopping magazine or any 1-800 mail-order catalog, The Gift is a survey catalog of the works of artist Eduardo Sarabia, (born in 1976) published to accompany his installation contribution to the 2008 Whitney Biennial of the same name. The installation consisted of a storeroom neatly packed with objects such as mermaid tails, horse heads, banana boxes and decorated Chinese vases-replicas of each of the artist’s works to date. For each item included in the catalogue, Sarabia invited a writer, artist, curator or critic to create a brief speculative description of it from his or her own unique perspective.