Social documentaries amid this pist

Mark Borthwick, Social documentaries amid this pist

Mark Borthwick, Social documentaries amid this pist
Softcover, 240 pp., web offset 1/1, 210 x 270 mm
Edition of 250
Published by Mark Borthwick (2002)

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condition: good, minor edge wear, binding intact.

A social documentary. An appropriation of distinctions between elements. Grey area. An essay in images that repeat themselves. An apparent way to dilute the importance of one over another. Black and white photographs, hand written texts, and xeroxed pages.

Textfield II

Textfield II

Textfield II
Softcover, 112 pp., offset 1/1, 210 x 297 mm
Edition of 1000
Published by Textfield

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Contributors; Johnny Freedom, Andreas Angelidakis, Miltos Manetas, Angelo Plessas, Rafaël Rozendaal, Nikola Tosic, Yugop, Mai Ueda, Goodwill, Parra, Experimental Jetset, Jonathan Maghen, Lev Manovich, Machine, Mike Calvert, Marc Kremers, Claude Closky, Joel Fox, and Aaron Rose.

Self Service 26

Self Service 26
Hardcover, 350 pp., offset 4/1, 235 x 335 mm
Edition of 2000
ISSN 1252-865X
Published by Ezra Petronio

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cover: Chloë Sevigny

Other Scenes

Aaron Rose, Other Scenes
Softcover, 36 pp., offset 4/4, 19.5 x 25.5 cm
Edition of 500
Published by Nieves

out of print

Other Scenes at Roberts & Tilton presents an eclectic group of emerging and established artists all of whom share disturbing yet romantic visions, such as Rita Ackermann, Gusmano Cesaretti, Daido Moriyama, Daniel Higgs, Becca Mann, Ryan McGinley, Jockum Nordström, Raymond Pettibon and Gee Vaucher. In these artist’s works, a discreet form of protest exists; a desire to find love amongst the ruins, beauty in the shadows. The works included in the exhibition span from 1974 to the present, including many works created specifically for this exhibition.

Other Scenes, the catalog published on the occasion by Nieves, includes selected images from the works on display, some of which have been pulled from archives that have not been accessed for over twenty years. This is the third collaboration between Nieves and Aaron Rose, an independent curator currently living in Los Angeles.