C Magazine 107

C Magazine 107, Animals

C Magazine 107, Animals
Softcover, 64 pp., offset 4/1, 210 x 295 mm
Edition of 2000
ISSN 1480-5472
Published by C Magazine

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Issue 107 includes feature essays by Carla Benzan, on Carolee Schneemann’s cats; Karen Houle, on ethics and animal kinship; Jon Davies, on Mike White’s film, Year of the Dog; and Helena Reckitt, writing about human/non-human animal relationships; book and exhibition reviews from Calgary, the Alberta Biennial in Edmonton, Dublin, Halifax, Montreal, New York, Paris, Peterborough, Toronto, the winning entry for the 2010 New Critics Competition from Minneapolis; and an artist project by Bill Burns, with an essay by Gentiane Bélanger.