These Ruins You See

Mariana Castillo DeBall, These Ruins You See

Mariana Castillo DeBall, These Ruins You See
Hardcover, 272 pp. + insert, offset 4/1, 155 x 225 mm
English and Spanish
Edition of 2000
ISBN 978-1-933128-46-7
Published by Sternberg Press

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An amazing book containing a collection of found objects and exhumed artifacts, contemporary and historical illustrations along with thought provoking essays, all looking at the changing ways Mexico has told the story of its past. The various layers of Mexico’s archaeology are forever present, giving rise to continual interpretations, reconstructions, demolitions, and annexations. This volume, based on a number of exhibitions, publications and lectures, brings together the history of collections and exhibitions of pre-Columbian objects, as well as the manufacture of replicas, the shadowy world of forgers and the relocation of key objects, among related themes. This eclectic grouping of ideas brings into sharp relief the ideological baggage and the range of museographic practices that always and inevitably frame our perception of these objects and artifacts.