fillip 17

fillip 17fillip 17

fillip 17
Softcover, 156 pp., offset 4/1, 170 x 245 mm
Edition of 2500
ISSN 1715-3212
ISBN 978-1-927354-07-0
Published by Fillip

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Fillip is a publication of art, culture, and ideas released three times a year.

Taking as its point of departure Giorgio Agamben’s suggestion that subjectivity emerges from the relentless struggle between living beings and the various apparatuses in which they are captured, Apparatus, Capture, Trace, reflects on the links between such apparatuses whose operations today appear increasingly intertwined: photography and biopolitics.

1. Series: Apparatus, Capture, Trace
2. David Geers, Open Call
3. Walid Sadek and Mayssa Fattouh, Tranquility is Made in Pictures
4. David Hartt, Stray Light (Portfolio)
5. Renato Rodrigues da Silva, El Instrumento y Su Obra
6. James Langdo, A Eulogy for the Cutaway
7. Miwon Kwon and Helen Molesworth, Documents Magazine, 1992-2004
8. Caren Kaplan, Aerial Photography as Biopower in the Visual Culture of 9/11
9. Maria Muhle, Imitation of Life: Biopolitics and the Cinematographic Image